About Us

Beverly Equestrian is the culmination of years of sport horse training, competing, and horsemanship on both coasts of the United States.

Beverly’s Equestrian Center was designed and built to provide excellent all-weather year-round training facilities and professional-level horse care together with consistent client support and training for the busy rider.  Beverly supports riders pursuing advancement in English riding, including hunter/jumper, equitation and eventing.  Beverly also provides an active polo program that offers lessons and sales horses year round in Virginia and Florida, and hosts polo practices and league play during the Virginia season. 

In addition to its passion for horsemanship and horse sports, Beverly is committed to preserving open land and maintaining the unique character of Northern Piedmont.   Accordingly, Beverly Equestrian (through its owners) has placed its farm in a perpetual conservation easement with a donation to the Land Trust of Virginia (http://www.landtrustva.org/index.htm).   Working with LTV, Beverly’s owners have developed a conservation easement that includes unique provisions for stormwater management and long-term landscape management, ensuring open space for equestrian pursuits in perpetuity.

Although Beverly’s Equestrian Center was designed by individuals dedicated to riding, it was not built for just a small group; it was built for the community of the horse.  For those who ride and train, our facility will aid you.  For those who want to learn and improve, our riders and clinicians will inspire you.  And for those who just love horses and horse sports, come celebrate them with us.