Training Board, Care & Management - Price available upon request

Horse Care Supervised by Beverly 

  • Stall cleaned and bedded daily
  • Morning and evening customized feeding with premium feeds
  • Supplement and routine medication administration
  • Scheduled deworming and supplement program based on individualized veterinary analysis or by Beverly
  • Farrier, dentist and veterminary scheduled and supervised by Beverly
  • Turnout program scheduled and monitored by Beverly (weather permitting)
    • Private turn out subject to availability and for limited period
  • Blanketing (morning and evening)
  • Minor or routine therapies (standing bandages, ointments and treatments, hot or cold therapies)
    • Ongoing or extensive treatment may incur additional charges.
  • Daily grooming (hooves picked out, mud/dirt curried or brushed off of exposed areas of horse)
  • Horse Laundry
    • Boots, saddle pads cleaned as necessary (must be labeled, put in laundry).
    • Blankets cleaned occasionally and as necessary.

Professional Rides Provided by Beverly

  • Up to two training rides a week 
  • Owner/rider must provide a tentative schedule on Sunday afternoon for the following week to allow scheduling of rides.

Full Grooming

  • Tacking and untaking, up to six times per week within working hours; contingent upon receiving two hours' notice.
  • Tack cleaning, bridles, bits, breastplates and girths cleaned after each ride; saddles cleaned as necessary.


Boarder Amenities

  • Personal tack locker for each stall
  • Personal supplement and medicine cabinet for each stall
  • Routine bathing supplies (shampoo, conditioner, sponges and scrapers) subject to period supply fee
  • Routine horsecare supplies (flyspray, alcohol, and showsheen) subject to period supply fee
  • Tack cleaning supplies (soap, conditioners, sponges, oils, polish)

Additional Services (additional charges apply)

Grooming Services

  • Seasonal Clipping
  • Braiding
  • Show/Hunt Prep (excluding braiding)

Training Services

  • Exercise and training rides on a per unit basis
  • Lunging or hacking
  • Coaching at shows

Other Horse Care

  • Trailering
  • Scheduled deworming program based on individualized veterinary analysis
  • Scheduled Farrier, Dentist and Veterinarian