Schooling Jumper and Hunter Rounds

 Schooling Jumper Rounds

UPDATE: The September 23 Schooling Rounds are Postponted Due to Forecast. 

We are revising our schedule for this show (and going forward): **LOWER PRICE, POLES-2' JUMPER CLASSES ADDED, NEW PAYMENT PLATFORM**.

Announcing the return of the lower jumper classes from poles, crossrails, 18” (NEW), 2’ and up.  We are also returning to the heritage $35 price per jumper round. (Hunter classes are offered at the same price of $45/round or $130/division.)

Remember: there is no office or ship-in fee so you only pay $35 for each round you start in the jumper ring.  That is IT.

Once we have the tentative schedule and coursmaps, they will uploaded to the Google drive.

Our upcoming dates are:

Scoring and Points

Beverly Equestrian is pleased to announce a partnership with Davis Equine + Ride Safe to provide year-end awards for competitors who ride at multiple monthly schooling jumper rounds.

Now, in addition to receiving ribbons and prizes, each rider will receive points for their rounds:

1st place = 7 points

2nd place = 5 points

3rd place = 4 points

4th place = 3 points and 

5th place = 2 points

Riders can accumulate points for every course they jump. 

Last year, Beverly introduced live scoring at their schooling events so that participants could see their scores and measure themselves against the other rounds. The live scores are posted on a Google drive throughout the day so that riders can check to see their placings. 

Now the points will also be posted to allow riders to track their progress throughout the year. 

At the end of the year, we will tally all points and present prizes to the top five finishers. The first-place finisher also will receive the Beverly Equestrian Challenge Cup presented by Davis Equine + Ride Safe.

“A point system is something we have always wanted to do at our schooling rounds,” said Darrin Mollett, owner of Beverly Equestrian. “We have so many loyal competitors who return month after month and they should be rewarded for their support.”

Davis Equine + Ride Safe has been supporting Beverly Equestrian’s schooling jumper rounds for years. 

“Davis Equine + Ride Safe is excited to partner with this great local schooling show again,” said Dr. Chad Davis of Davis Equine. “We understand how hard these human and equine athletes work to improve in this difficult sport and are happy to be part of their process.”

General Information

We offer classes at multiple heights. We start at poles and go up in 3 inch increments. We do build to the height and have a lot of fill, so be sure to enter at the correct level for you and your horse.

Each class offers two courses: a black and a white version. You can jump only the white, only the black, both classes or any version that suits you.

There are no divisions or warm ups for your trips. Each trip is judged. Fastest clear wins. Each round is $45, each time you go in the rings is $45. 

If you end up jumping different heights, or numbers of classes, you can settle up with the show secretary before leaving.  We accept Venmo (@BeverlyEquestrian), Zelle (darrin@beverlyequestrian or 310-339-9296), cash, or check, but no credit cards.

In the morning, we offer a ring familiarization to allow riders to get their horse into the ring to look at the jumps. The jumps are set at the poles level and you're welcome to walk/trot/canter over them.

There is not a hard limit on the time the rider can spend in ring familiarization but we do ask that riders not to linger too long so that other people can also bring their horses into the ring without overcrowding.

There are no other warm ups after this class ends.

We also must ask that any noncompeting horses register as such on our strider platform. It is important that we have a release and a coggins on file for every horse on the property. Again, we appreciate your understanding as bio security and safety is our top concern.

Please check our Facebook and Instragram for further updates. Please contact the show secretary at with any questions. We will see you on Saturday!

Entry Information

All entries must be online through STRIDER.  Here is a link to our waiver.

Please note that we have a new show secretary:  A late fee ($35) applies to all entries and missing paperwork received after 7pm the Thursday before the schooling rounds.

All payments must be electronic (Zelle, Venmo, CC on STRIDER). Once again, if you have any issues, please email The show secretary will be set up on the veranda at the end of the indoor closest to the in-gate.

If you have any concerns about registration or payment, please email the show secretary:

Please help us thank our prize sponsors!