Schooling Jumper Rounds

 Schooling Jumper Rounds


Sadly, the weather is not cooperating and we have to reschedule our schooling jumper show from tomorrow, Saturday, December 19 to Wednesday, December 23.  This time should allow the snow to melt so that we can ensure safer trailer parking.  All entries will be automatically transferred to the new date.  If you cannot make the new date, please contact our show secretary at to make other arrangements.  We are so sorry for the inconvenience.

Now that a 25-person ordinance is in effect in Virginia, we are going to resume our initial COVID protocols adopted at the beginning of the summer.  Please review our previously posted protocols, specifically, the restriction on spectators, all paperless entry and payment, and social distancing once on site.  More information about our COVID protocals is below. 

We are pleased to announce dates for the 2021 Winter Schooling Jumper Rounds:

  • Saturday, January 23, 2021: for more information click here.
  • Saturday, February 20, 2021: for more information click here.
  • Saturday, March 20, 2021: for more information click here.

Due to COVID, we will following all local and state guidance related to the COVID-19 health crisis. The driving force for all involved will be the health and safety of all competitors, volunteers, and staff. Please check back for updates as this is a fluid situation and things may change.

 1. Registration

All must be online through STRIDER or via email to our show secretary.  Please note that we have a new show secretary: Sophia Saffos and her email is There will be NO paperwork at the show secretary desk. Please e-sign these releases and email to the show secretary.  The e-sign release option also allows you to upload a negative coggins for each horse.

All payments must be electronic (Zelle, Venmo, CC on STRIDER). Once again, if you have any issues, please email The show secretary will be set up in the courtyard to hand you bridle numbers only.

2. Trailer/Parking

All parking in the paddock should maintain safe distancing.

3. Warm Up

Masks required at all times unless mounted. Warm Up Jumps: Please use gloves when adjusting the warm up jumps and wipe down what you touch.

4. In-Gate: Only two horses at the in-gate at one time.

5. Competing

Please stay at your trailer if you are waiting for your level. Announcements about classes will be made over the loudspeaker. Only come for your class, do not stay afterwards.
We update our FB and IG with class times throughout the day.
We plan to stick to a published schedule with definite windows.
If you are watching the ring, you must be distanced and cannot congregate in groups greater than 2.

Ribbons and prizes will be available.

6. Facility Access: We will have sanitation stations set up. The barn will be closed.  There are no restroom facilities available.

Ticketed ring famialization with jumps set at poles at 8am for $35 per horse.  All classes $30 per trip.  First class starts at 9am.

If you have any concerns about registration or payment, please email the show secretary:

Tentative Schedule:

Ticketed Ring Familiarization: 8-9am (at poles level to allow riders to familiarize their horses with the ring).  NOTE THERE ARE NO OTHER WARM UP ROUNDS AFTER 9AM.

Warmup                         8:00 AM

Poles                               9:00 AM

Cross Rails                      9:30 AM

2'                                     10:00 AM

2'3"                                 10:30 AM

2'6"                                 11:00 AM

2'9"                                 12:30 PM

3'                                     1:00 PM

3'3"                                 1:30 PM

3'6"                                 1:45 PM

3'9"                                 2:00 PM

4'                                     2:15 PM

Please help us thank our prize sponsors!