COVID-19 Protocol

We at Beverly Equestrian are adapting to the environment caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Our goal is to continue to provide individual lessons/rides while keeping staff and clients as safe as possible.

In order to achieve this we have instituted the following practices and measures for the foreseeable future:


  • All visits to the farm are by appointment ONLY, no drop ins.
  • A minimum space barrier of 6 feet between people
  • No more than 10 people in an area or present at an activity at one time
  • Sanitization of all common surfaces/items handled by multiple people
  • No dogs, please leave all pets at home. 

COVID-19 person-to-person transmission primarily occurs when an infected person sends out respiratory droplets via either sneezing or coughing.  Please practice and enforce the 6 feet social distancing rule until it becomes second nature to you.  That means no hacking out horses side-by-side, no casual chats with friends in the tack room, and no standing next to one another watching a clinic.


While less common, a person can also contract COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth or nose.    The team who cares for your horses will be under considerable strain to sanitize surfaces and limit your exposure risk.


Before You Visit The Barn

·        Monitor your own health.  DO NOT go to the barn or take your horse schooling if you have any COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, coughing, or unusual shortness of breath.

·        Feeling exhausted? Not sure if you "have something"? Take your own temperature and rule out a fever.

·        Do not go to the barn if you have been in an airport in the last 14 days.

·        Use the bathroom at your home, rather than the barn. The fewer areas you access around the barn, the easier it is on barn employees.

·        Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before you leave the house.


How To Visit The Barn


·        Or use of the Google calendar already schedules rides to avoid exceeding 10 people at the barn at any one time. Please show up on time for your lesson and leave promptly after it concludes. Remember that vets & farriers need to visit the facility too- and they count as part of 10 people.

·        Sanitize your hands upon arrival.

  • Please do not bring anyone else with you to the barn.  If you are bringing a non-driver, please wait for them in your car.
  • Come directly from your car to the horse or your locker and directly go directly to your car after your lesson/ride.  The lounge is closed for now.  If needed, please use the bathroom off of the boarder tack room.

·        Avoid touching things such as door knobs, lockers, stall door latches and light switches unnecessarily.

·        Avoid petting barn dogs and cats.

·        Sanitize anything you’ve touched before you depart.

Also, we have a new COVID Waiver and Questionnaire.  Please be sure to sign this waiver when you visit the barn.  Our standard waiver is also required for all riders.

UPDATE: On May 26, Governor Northam announced a statewide mask mandate in public settings.  In addition to listed entities, the mask mandate applies to any indoor space shared by groups of people who may congregate within six feet of one another or who are in close proximity to each other for more than ten minutes.   Exceptions will be allowed, including while eating or drinking, exercising, those with trouble breathing, and children under age 10

Because we are a private facility, it is arguable that this mandate applies to Beverly.  However, looking at our operations we do not have groups of people who congregate within 6 feet for greater than ten minutes under usual conditions.  Also, masks would be excused during riding. 

To be safe, however, we ask that you continue to stick to our COVID protocols.

  • For those taking lessons, please remember to come promptly for your lesson and leave immediately after to avoid congregating in the barn.
  • If you do want to stay longer, please do so outside.
  • When you arrive, go directly to your (locker, as the case may be) tacked up horse and go to the ring.
  • If you are riding a lesson horse and are comfortable mounting, you may do so but remain at the walk until an instructor joins you in the ring.

If for some reason, we find that we have more than 3 people in an indoor space that is not distanced we ask that you wear your mask until you can be outside.

We have instituted these protocols so that we can keep up with our horses routines and yours.  A printable version of our protocols is available here.

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